Interim Service

Interim Service

1000 KM or 1 Month Warranty, Every 5000 KM or 3 Months (Recommended)

Engine Oil Replacement, Oil Filter Replacement, Air Filter Cleaning, Coolant Top, Wiper Fluid Replacement, Battery Water Top Up, Heater/Spark Plug Charging

Maintenance Checks

✔ Drain engine oil and refill. We won’t ask you to pay extra for special or synthetic oils.

✔ Replace oil filter & Check for excessive oil leaks.

✔ Check condition and security of undertray & Check coolant level and top up if necessary.

✔ Check and record antifreeze strength and minimum temperature and top up coolant as required.

✔ Check for correct clutch operation &Check for correct gearbox operation.

✔ Check horn, battery condition & dashboard warning lights.

✔ Check and top up power steering reservoir where applicable & Check steering and suspension components for wear and corrosion.

✔ Check windscreen wiper condition and operation.

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