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  • Know when to change Speedometer Sensor

    The speedometer is responsible for the display of vehicle’s real time speed, the speedometers are mostly electronic and the vehicle speed is measured with the help of speedometer sensors, this sensor is mostly located at the transmission which detects the drive’s rotational speed, the sensor basically delivers the pulses to vehicle ECU, which is then converted to numerical figure, that is displayed on the speedometer.

    Pitzo  Recommends:

    The replacement of the speedometer sensor needs to be specific to the model and make of the vehicle, or it will result in inaccuracy, in case of any failure in the speedometer sensor the observations are clear unlike other complex sensors, so there is no need to have a proactive approach.

    What symptoms indicate the replacement of the speedometer sensor?
    -  Non uniform speedometer readings
     - Check engine light is on
      - Cruise control failure.
     How important is it?

     Speedometer sensor measures speed of the driveshaft while rotating, this data is sent to the vehicle’s ECU and then it is converted into numerical data that is displayed on the speedometer, in case of this sensor failure, a user won’t be able to view the speed of the vehicle.

  • Know the importance of axle staff seal and when to replace it

    What is an axle shaft seal?
    The axle shaft seal helps in preventing the fluid in your differential from
    leaking out. The differential helps in delivering engine power from the
    transmission to the wheels allowing them to move. It is present over the axle
    shaft or the differential case based on the design. It also needs to be
    lubricated similar to the axle in your vehicle.

    Our recommendation:
    It is necessary to fix a faulty axle shaft seal as the fluid released can
    damage the brake components. The leaked fluid can also affect the other
    components of the car rather than just affecting the adjacent components. The
    axle shaft seal does not require maintenance but can fail unexpectedly. It is
    recommended to diagnose your vehicle by a professional mechanic.

    What common symptoms indicate you may
    need to replace the axle shaft seal?

    •        Fluid leaks
    •        Puddles of fluid
    •        Axle shaft pops out
    •        Low transmission fluid

    How important is this service?
    It is advised not to ignore any type of fluid leak as a small leak can be
    monitored closely and managed whereas losing a lot of fluid can cause a major
    damage and should be replaced as soon as possible. If you delay the replacement
    then it will cost more and you to replace the transmission entirely.

  • Importance of hand brake kit

    brake/parking brake Kit
      is one of the most important component of the
    vehicle in terms of safety and it saves the transmission system from
    unnecessary wear, due to frequent usage and misuse the handbrake may wear out
    over time, therefore the vehicle needs to be equipped with handbrake repair
    comprising of clevis pin, kit spring, pull rod, assembly brackets, clevis pin.

     Our recommendation: The hand brake repair kit must contain all the essential
    components, and it must be easily available at the time of any repairing or
    maintenance of the vehicle, and must be compatible with different vehicles.

     What common symptoms indicate damage in the

    brake is not able to hold the vehicle

     Parking brake light stays on, even after
    releasing the brake lever.

     Vehicle experiences drag while moving, due to
    an error in the cable.

     How important is it?

     Repairing the parking brake/hand brake is one
    of the most important services for the vehicle, for the safety of the vehicle
    and it must be performed by trusted mechanics with the help of a quality
    repairing kit consisting of all the important components.

  • Impact Sensor and its symptoms to replace it

    An impact sensor is also
    known as crash sensor as activation of automotive airbags is triggered by this
    sensor. It works to detect frontal impact and trigger a control unit which
    deploys the airbag to cushion the passenger. It is normally fitted to the front
    of the vehicle where a collision is likely to occur. It is situated inside the
    passenger zone of the vehicle.

    Our recommendation:
    It is recommended to diagnose your vehicle by a professional mechanic if you
    notice any symptom related to the failure in impact sensor in order to replace

    What common symptoms indicate you may
    need to replace the impact sensor?

    •        Light airbag
    •        Damaged airbag module
    •        Checking with diagnostic tool
    •        Airbag battery backup depleted
    •        Faulty airbag clock springs

    How important is this service?
    An impact sensor is a safety sensor as it measures the intensity of collision
    to determine whether the impact is over a certain threshold to justify the
    release of an airbag. If it gets damaged then it should be replaced as early as

  • Idle Control Value: Maintain constant and consistent engine

    What is an idle control valve?
    The idle control valve helps in controlling and maintaining a consistent engine
    idle speed. When the car is cold, the idle control valve helps the engine to

    Our recommendation:
    The idle control valve gets damaged as excessive carbon gets collected in the
    intake manifold. On an average the idle control valve should be changed in
    every 3-4 years as it will make sure that carbon doesn’t get build up on the
    valve. It is recommended to diagnose your vehicle by a professional mechanic in
    order to diagnose the problem and get it repaired or replaced.

    What common symptoms indicate you may
    need to replace the idle control valve?

    • Check if engine light is on
    • Engine may shut off if AC is turned on
    • Racing noise from engine
    • Engines stalls

    How important is this service?
    The idle control valve is responsible for maintaining constant and consistent
    engine. The idle control valve neutralizes the effect of cold engine, radio or
    air conditioning and ensures that engine is idling at constant speed. If the
    idle control valve doesn’t function properly the you need to turn off the
    radio, air conditioning or any device which requires power. It is advised to
    get it repaired as early as possible.

  • Get your car service done at right time

    Maintenance Reminder System:

    system is responsible for reminding about the maintenance service to the
    driver, when it is due and the vehicle needs to be serviced.

     Our Recommendation:

     The maintenance reminder system monitors the
    common conditions of the car such as distance traveled, no. of running hours of
    the engine to determine when the light should be illuminated, these lights can
    also alert the driver when the oil needs to be changed, the air filter needs to
    be changed and inspection of the exhaust systems is to be done.

     In case the system is damaged or not working,
    then other alternatives for the service reminder such as oil change stickers
    can be used to avoid delay of the service, also in some of the vehicles the
    reminder interval can be adjusted as per the requirement, but it is not
    recommended without consulting an expert technician.

    indicates replacement of the Maintenance reminder system?

     Reminder light illuminates before the due

     Reminder lights don't illuminate, even when
    the vehicle service is due.

     How important is it?

     The maintenance reminder system is a very
    convenient system in case the user is habitual of forgetting the service of the
    vehicle, time to time. In case there is any fault in the reminder system, there
    won’t be any warning or reminders related to the maintenance of the vehicle,
    therefore manually monitoring of the vehicle maintenance must be done to avoid
    any inconvenience and vehicle’s performance to go down.

  • Fog Bulbs: Improves the Visibility

    Fog bulbs
    are located in the fog lamp assemblies, and they provide clear visibility while
     Our recommendation:
    The bulbs are small in size, but perform a great function in terms of safety of
    the vehicle by providing illumination for the fog lights, in case of their
    failure or any issue, they can cause dysfunctioning of the fog lights, a
    failing fog light bulb will show some symptoms that must not be ignored for
    their proper functioning.
    common symptoms indicate the replacement of the fog bulb?

     ● Fog lamps not working at all.
     ● Fluctuation or dimming of the fog
     How important is it?
     When the light of the vehicle hits fog,
    then its reflected at the driver hence reducing the visibility, fog lights are
    placed lower side on the vehicle and point out straight in the direction of
    fog, hence allowing greater visibility for the driver and preventing any accident.

  • Defroster: Clear your view

    is an essential component of the HVAC system, that
    is responsible for cleaning up the foggy or frosted windshield in the cold
    weather conditions and hence provide a clear vision to the driver of the road
    ahead, the defrosting is done by the air coming from the vents that is supplied
    by fan and the blower motor.

     Our recommendation:

     Defroster can be of two types that is front
    and rear, which can be used for clearing the fog on the respective windshield,
    the front defroster functions on switching on the knob, the heated air flows
    from the fan, whereas the rear defroster performs the heating action due to the
    heat coming up from the electrical wires, on the supply of current.

    antifreeze solution that flows through the vehicle, is responsible for the heating
    inside of the car, in case the antifreeze solution is low in quantity, then it
    must be replaced to ensure the proper working of the defroster.

     What symptoms indicate the replacement of

     Windows don’t clear up on switching on the

    defogger button gets stuck.

    defogger light doesn’t illuminate.

     How important is it?

    order to have clarity while driving during a cold weather, the defroster is one
    of the essential components needed in the vehicle, any failure in the working
    of a defogger can cause dangerous driving situations, therefore it must be
    repaired immediately.

  • Cylinder block: Heart of Engine

    What is a cylinder block?
    A cylinder block is the part of the engine which contains the cylinder and
    cylinder sleeves and coolant passages. It is also known as engine block. It is
    one of the most essential components of an engine and plays a major role in
    maintaining the temperature, lubrication and stability of the engine. A
    cylinder block unit consists of a number of cylinders depending on the type and
    specification of the engine model and also includes cylinder walls, cylinder
    sleeves and coolant passages.
    Our recommendation:
    It has to be of the finest quality so as to perform its vital role in the
    operation of cylinder heads, timing case, sump and flywheel. It is recommended
    to replace the whole cylinder block with a new one if any part of it is in need
    of repair as it will cost less than replacing individual elements one by
    one.  Regular inspection and maintenance
    of the engine block helps in ensuring normal and efficient working of the
    What common symptoms indicate you may
    need to replace the cylinder block?

    ·        Poor engine performance
    ·        Visible engine smoke
    ·        Leaking oil
    ·        Overheating of engine
    ·        Low levels of coolant
    ·        Excessive smoke from the exhaust
    ·        Frozen coolant in the radiator
    ·        Discoloration in car’s oil
    How important is this service?
    A cylinder block is the heart of an engine and has to be of the highest
    quality as there is no room for short cuts. It is important in the functioning
    of the car as it supports the other components of an engine. It is important to
    regularly maintain their vehicle in order to prevent any damage to the internal
    parts of the engine. Damage to any part of the engine can be due to
    insufficient oil and overheating. Maintenance of the engine block helps to
    attain the optimal performance and economical usage of fuel.

  • Camshaft Gear: Improve the basic functioning of engine

    What is a camshaft gear?
    A camshaft gear is an essential part of an engine as it controls the opening
    and closing of valves also known as timing gear. The aim of these gears is to
    allow the camshaft and crankshaft to be in time with the rotation as it allows
    the opening and closing of the valve and injection of fuel to be timed at
    accurate intervals. Camshaft gear helps to keep the camshaft rotate properly.
    It is situated inside the garage at home and is attached to the camshaft with
    1x10mm bolt.
    Our recommendation:
    It is recommended to replace a camshaft gear if it is worn out due to the
    damage in one or more lobes or another valve has caused damage to the camshaft
    or it is defective but if the camshaft is too much worn out then it is advised
    to rebuild the entire engine. It takes only a day to repair the camshaft.
    What common symptoms indicate you may
    need to replace the camshaft gear?

    ·        Engine not running
    ·        Engine runs rough
    ·        Clattering noise from engine
    How important is this service?
    Camshaft gear is important for the basic functioning of an engine. It enables
    the valves to open and close in specified intervals. A malfunctioning camshaft
    gear will affect the timing of the camshaft which will eventually lead to engine misfire. If the
    camshaft gear is in a bad condition then the performance of our will degrade
    over the period of time leading to sometimes engine failure.

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