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  • Before you sell your cycle (How to keep your cycling motivation high?)


    Do you remember the day you bought that new cycle? You were excited and motivated. You probably went cycling regularly for a few days but when your enthusiasm wore off, it became a weekend activity and eventually stopped. Now it’s just sitting there in a corner gathering dust and making you feel guilty.  Well, you’re not alone. A majority of people who take up cycling (or any other activity like sports or going to the gym) just stop after some time.

    Most of us are used to a sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting in front of a computer every day. We want to work out but it’s always just put off for later.

    I do not want to give you the health and mental benefits of exercise or cycling (you probably know more than I do), but I do want to help you form a good habit.

    So, how do you break this cycle (pun intended) of procrastination?

    1. What kind of tired are you?

    A lot of people complain of being exhausted due to work and thus avoid any physical activity. It is important that you understand the difference between mental fatigue and physical tiredness. No matter how tired your brain is, a good physical activity will help you brain relax and will make it sharper.

    1. Don’t take your bicycle to work

    Have you thought of taking your bike to work? Although cycling to work does have its advantages, some health experts believe that the focus gets shifted from cycling to thinking about work. Instead, cycling before or after work will keep you happy and active throughout the day.

    1. When you think you can’t!

    Your stamina is bound to be low when you start. The trick is to not stop when you get tired. Instead slow down but keep cycling. This will not only increase your stamina, but will give you an endorphin boost and keep your mood levels elevated (Also known as a Runner’s high, you will have to experience it to really  know how amazing it feels!!). However, do consult with a doctor if you have a weak heart)

    1. Join a group (or create one!)

    Keeping the commitments you make to others is easier than keeping the commitments you make to yourself. It’s also easier to push yourself when you’re a part of a group. Get some experienced people to join if you can.

    1. Set short goals for yourself

    Whatever your Motivation is, be it losing weight/ getting fit or increasing endurance, keep it aside. Set shorter goals for yourself (For example: My goal is to be able to cycle for 15 extra minutes by the end of the next week)

    1. Be Mindful

    Mindful cycling means being present in the moment and focusing on the feeling you get while riding your cycle. Just observe how the wind feels and how your muscles react to the physical activity, listen to some music if you like. Have some “me” time while you’re at it. 

    1. Show off

    One of the best tips I’ve got so far. Post pictures on social media, talk to people, take pride in the fact that you are making a great lifestyle change and growing yourself.

    1. When you feel like giving up

    If you still feel like skipping a day or giving up, just do it for a day. All you need to tell your mind is that it’s just for today. After a few days, you won’t have to!

    It takes about 45 days for an average person to form a habit (good and bad). Once, it becomes a part of your daily routine and you start to see the effects, you won’t want to stop!

    If you have any more tips or suggestions to improve this article, leave us a comment!

  • The Impact of GST on the automotive aftermarket

    Automobile sales have started showing a positive transformation in this quarter as compared to the previous quarters where the stress was quite obvious on account of economic and regulatory issues.
    After the regulatory ban on diesel vehicles and the industry being asked to prepare for Bharat stage VI norms by 2020, GST is first positive news for the Auto industry.

    Although the exact GST rate has not been decided yet, it is anticipated to be less than the current taxes put together (which comprise of Excise Duty, Service Tax, Value added tax and central sales tax) accompanied by various cesses (like Swachh Bharat cess).

    In the contemporary market, majority of the business in auto parts and accessories is done unofficially; the famous ‘Kutcha parchi’ or undocumented invoice is customary in markets like Kashmiri gate and Opera house. Shops in these markets have traditionally operated on bills which write Rs 57.00 instead to Rs 5700/- in ‘kutcha parchi’ which does not bare any taxes and is paid through cash. In India we have a large number of small shops and spare-part retailers who have been conducting business in the way described above.

    I personally believe that the unorganized traditional auto parts market is now ready for reform and can be integrated with technology on a large scale

    How will GST impact the auto market?

    The biggest impact after the operative implementation of GST will be ‘Compliance’. The Government has also introduced “TCS” for cash transactions above 2 lacs. Which means that any cash purchases above Rs 2 lakhs will cost the customer an additional 1%.
    Although the law will take its time to be enforced, this is a step taken by the government to reduce physical cash flow in the economy.
    In 3 to 5 years after the implementation of GST, we should see a more efficient supply chain by companies assuming we will achieve a single tax structure for the whole country. Since, there will no longer be a need for multiple warehouses, faster delivery will become a major objective. This will also reduce the cost for logistics and warehousing.
    In other countries, it is observed that inflation tends to rise whenever GST has been implemented. The impact of this however, will be more evident on the service sector as there will be an increase in service tax due to GST

    Will government reduce rates of GST, as and when revenue collection improve? This seems highly unlikely due to many factors. The need for the government to spend on developmental plans and stickiness in rates ones formalized will not allow it to happen. Furthermore, we also know that GST rates once set can be changed only with the Parliament’s approval.

    Overall a positive impact on the auto industry is anticipated

  • On the road again! Part I

    Exploring North-East India

    Open roads are like a blank notebook. Every journey an experience and every experience a story. In this six part blog series, we will cover beautiful journeys to locations that create their own stories. As we cover each part of the country every week, we will connect you with the local ‘Driving and Biking enthusiasts’ to make the best of your.

    Img1In today’s digital age, Nature being a luxury, a lot of people are travelling to offbeat locations to take a break from their daily routines.

    North east India has become a popular location among nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. For the purpose of this article, we interviewed a local day tripper (Darick Ranjan Deka) and got some amazing places added to our travel list.

    13957501_1127894880632201_322820398_n (1) 14017720_1128091117279244_389680987_n

    1. Guwahati to Tura via Paikan

    This 222 Kms Journey covers a few parts of Assam and Meghalaya. The road being a part of the West Garo hills offers a beautiful climate and a breath taking view and is perfect for biking trips

    When should you go?

    Christmas, says Darick, is the best time for this trip. The entire West Garo hills get filled with beautiful festive lights.

    1. Guwahati to Mawlynnong via Shillong

    The Journey is 172 Kms and also takes about 4 hours. Mawlynnog, also known as ‘the cleanest village in India’, is surrounded by beautiful green forests and hills. About 10% of the road is covered by clouds throughout the year. Biking here is a great experience (“However, only for adventurous beings” advices Darick)

    When should you go?

    Between March and November 

    1. Tezpur to Tawang via Bomdila

    The distance is 310 Kms and the trip takes about 10 hours and covers parts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The trip gives you a chance to visit locations like The Sela Lake, Jaswant Garh and the Nuranang Waterfall.

    The Road till Bomdila is a highway and is easy to drive on. From Sela pass road, however, the roads become narrow and risky. Adventure seekers find this driving experience to be very satisfying.

    At Bhalukpong, interstate passes are issued which are mandatory.

    When should you go?

    The months of September and October, and April and May are safe and ideal for the trip.

    1. Guwahati to Thimphu via Phuntsholing (Assam to Bhutan)

    The distance is 580 Kms and the trip takes about 12 hours. Since the trip is from Assam to Bhutan, an intercountry permit is required from Phuntsholing. People traveling here, prefer to stay at Phuntshloing.

    The specialities include roadside organic food stalls (As Bhutan is against inorganic food), beautiful Bhutan architecture and excellent road conditions. “The locals are very cooperative and friendly” adds Darick.

    When should you go?

    Between November and March

    1. Guwahati to Kaziranga National Park via Bokakhat

    The distance is 250Kms and the trip takes about 5 hours. Since 60% of the road is an express highway (and the remaining a national highway), you can test your speed here. Before you reach Kaziranga National park, do try the famous sweets of Bokakhat (pera is a must try sweet).

    When should you go?

    The National Park gates remain open for tourists from the 1st of November to the 30th of April.


    1. Guwahati to Kisama via Dimapur/Kohima (Assam to Nagaland)

    The distance is 365 Kms and this trip from Assam to Nagaland takes about 8 hours to cover. Bikers from across the country come here for the famous Hornbill fest in December.

    Doboka to Dimapur gives you a great driving experience as the streach covers Hills, waterfalls and forests and gives you a typical country road experience. Dimapur is one of the best shopping Destinations in the North Eastern region and hence, a one day stay is advisable.

    When should you go?





  • Basic essentials for your 4-wheeler

    You step into your SUV and you need the side step to put your foot on and hop in. Going on a long drive with your family? You need those sun shades on your car windows to protect you from the sun. Bumped your car somewhere and have landed with a dent?... You'll need that reliable scratch remover to mend your car. Top it with a layer of paint restorer and you will see your car beaming back at you.

    So important have accessories become today that no aspect associated with driving is complete without the mention of these accessories. In fact they are now the basic essentials for every vehicle.

    Here are some of the car accessories that you could consider to enhance not just it's looks, but also its performance:

    • Engine Oil - This is the most basic requirement for the lubrication of your vehicle's engine. These also come in various types and vary in their mixture of hydrocarbons and esters. Usually 4-wheeler manufacturing companies patronize and recommend the suitable engine oil for their vehicles. Go with that. It's better to not experiment on this one.
    • Styling and Exterior Lights - Apart from the regular head and tail lamps, you could go in for high power LED bulbs that come in different colours like red, blue and white. Add to your 4-wheeler, and see it sparkling at night. The essential exterior lights include fog lights, reversing light and cockpit light.
    • Car Mats - No one likes dirty carpets! It is not just a put off to the eyes, but also not hygienic at all. Invest in car mats to be able to keep your carpets clean. They are available in various colors and styles. You could choose from carpet, vinyl or rubber mats or even get them custom designed for your automobile as per its make and model.
    • Car Covers - Car covers are a must to protect your car from external wear and tear, especially if you park it in the open. Made from breathable fabric using encapsulation technology that goes inside the fibres leaving it with a silky smooth touch that makes it easy to glide over the paint of your car without damaging it.
    • Car Cleaning Accessories - Professional car washes are not an option available time and again. Choose from the wide range of car shampoos, polishes, wax and washing kits available and keep your car looking as new on a regular basis.
    • Painting And Body Repair Accessories - Another essential for your 4-wheeler are accessories of this category. Keep a scratch removal and paint spray ready at all times. For bigger jobs, go in for acrylic enamels and urethane paints.

    Mostly all 4 wheelers are priced possessions of their owners . So, it is natural for you to perk them up with these accessories...or rather 'essentials'.
    Check out the wide range of products available at Pitzo and indulge your car in their care. These fundamental elements will go a long way in ensuring that your car stays ‘as good as new’ both in form and function for a long time!

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