My Shaldan Air Freshener

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Freshen up your car or home with a sophisticated fragrance of Lemon from My Shaldan Car Air Fresheners. Its refreshing fragrance keeps your car smelling clean and fresh no matter the distance

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My Shaldan car air freshener is so naturally refreshing that it helps you keep your mind alert while driving. An energetic and alert mind will also tend to drive safely thereby reducing accidents and saving lives!  It has an extremely refreshing, natural and long-lasting fragrance. Keeps you fresh while driving and its natural fragrance makes the air feel pleasant and pollution-free.  

The main ingredient of My Shaldan is limonene or orange oil, which is derived from the peel of orange through a unique cold-pressing technique. A single can of My Shaldan contains orange oil derived from over 500 orange peels!! Unbelievable, but true !

Benefits of limonene for your mind

·         Reduces stress, nervousness and tension

·         Energizes and fights lethargy and fatigue

·         Treats depression

·         Induces sleep when combined with lavender

·         Promotes creative thinking

·         Encourages right brain functioning

Besides being such an effective mind and body healer, new research has shown that limonene also has amazing anti-cancer properties. The limonene in orange oil can be effective in fighting melanoma, liver, breast, lung and pancreatic cancers. It is also a promising lipid-lowering agent, which means it can help lower triglyceride, cholesterol and blood pressure levels.                         


(1) Worlds largest selling brand of gel airfreshners

(2) Lasts upto 60 days

(3) Can be used both in car and home

(4) Each can of My Shaldan contains limonene oil derived from peels of over 500 citrus fruits

(5) Limonene oil has been known since ancient Japanese medicine to have various benefits in reducing stress and fighting lethargy

Company Description

My Shaldan is one of the worlds most popular brand of gel air fresheners since 1948. My Shaldan is a high-quality, air freshener that is made from natural peel extracts, called limonene. Limonene oil has been known since ancient Japanese medicine to have various benefits in reducing stress and fighting lethargy. Because of these natural substance, the My Shaldan emits a naturally refreshing fragrance that is strong enough and yet not overwhelming.

Additional Information

Brand My Shaldan
Manufacturer Part Number MS-01 (Lemon) , MS-02 (Lime) , MS-03 (Orange) , MS-04 (Squash)
ProductType Universal
Item Package Quantity 1 My Shaldan Air Freshener
Lasts Upto 60 days
Usage Can be used both in Car & Home
Product Category Gel based Technology
Item Weight 80 g

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